Open Style Basic - Level 2
The movement that when you look at it seems complicated, only dancers can do it, is really just a transformation, a combination of BASIC movements, get used to those movements in the OPEN STYLE BASIC LV2 class. In the OPEN STYLE BASIC LV2 class, students will learn: - Complete dance lessons include variations of basic movements: help students both challenge themselves, review basic steps, strengthen their dance foundation. - How to feel and control the body to express the choreography in accordance with the amplitude and force of each movement. - How to remember the dance better, believe in yourself so that you do not depend on the mirror every time you perform the song, focus more on your own performance style. The difference in Ms. My and Mr. Thịnh's OPEN STYLE BASIC LV 2 class is the musical style and combination construction. Ms. My's class will be more inclined to R&B, funky songs with slow to fast tempo and often catching beats. Mr. Thịnh's class will often dance to the lyrics, the music of the class is usually chill, gentle music as opposed to fast and sharp movements. Come to the OPEN STYLE BASIC LV2 class to prepare yourself for becoming a dancer right away!
Thịnh Nguyễn
19:30 - 20:45